What is Curly?

Curly is a Microsoft Word add-in that lets you turn ANY document into a template and then offers you a quick and easy user interface to create personalized documents.

Here's how it works:

A Curly placeholder can be any text in your document surrounded by curly braces or square brackets. Like for example {Today's Date}, {Company Name} or {Recipient Name}.

After adding one or more placeholders to your template document Curly will create an easy to fill out form with the click of a mouse.

After filling out this form, Curly will update your document for you also with the click of a mouse.

Why use Curly?

Curly is an indispensable tool for any document that you or your organization use on a day-to-day basis.

By using placeholders in the text, there's no longer the need to personalize documents by hand.

This will prevent errors, increase quality and save time. Copying and pasting the same text within a document also becomes a thing of the past.

Privacy Statement

Any information you submit to Curly remains private: it is transmitted over a secure SSL connection, and Curly does not store anything on a server.
Curly does not collect or transmit user information.

About Me

As a passionate front-end developer I am fluent in JavaScript and also server-side I like to stay close to it using Node.js. When it comes to Curly I have great plans for the future and want Curly to become the Go-To Corporate Identity app.